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Per Åsberg

Check ESX is a plugin developed by op5 to primarely be used with op5 Monitor, but can also be used in Nagios installations, to monitor VMware ESX and vSphere servers. You can monitor either a single ESX(i)/vSphere server or a VMware VirtualCenter/vCenter Server and individual virtual machines. If you have a VMware cluster you should monitor the data center (VMware VirtualCenter/vCenter Server) and not the ESX/vSphere servers by them self.

Read more about how you can contribute to the Check ESX Plugin project.
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The goal

The goal is to develop an powerfull and detailed plugin to efficiently monitor VMware ESX and vSphere servers.

Get involved - Contribute to the Check ESX project

It is easy to get involved in the project and to contribute!

  • Start using the plugin and if you like what you see, help by spreading the word on blogs and forums.
  • Post your comments and feedback here
  • Sign up at the op5-users mailing list to join the conversation and help other users by ansering questions. It is here that you can follow the project and contribute your code and bugfixes. (The mailing list is not project specific)
  • If you find a bug you can report the bug here or on the mailing list
  • If you miss any documentation or know how to solve an undocumented problem you can contribute with documentation on op5 community wiki

Download the code

  • You can browse and download the code from git. The check_esx plugin is found under the op5 plugins project.


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