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Andreas Ericsson
Senior Software Engineer

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logo_nacoma_232x47_no-textNagios Configuration Manager

Nacoma is a web based configuration tool for op5 Monitor. It's written in PHP and uses MySQL as backend. Nacoma makes it easy for users to manage the configuration files and provides speedy tools for expert users like progapation of variables to host or hostgroups. You still have the flexibility of making changes in the text config files and using Nacoma at the same time.

Nacoma was developed specifically for op5 Monitor and the project is still in early development for greater interoperability with Nagios. There is so far a lack of documentation. Until op5 further develop the project, the code should be seen as experimental for an Nagios environment and used with care and is hence not recomended for production use. Read more about how you can contribute to the Nacoma project.

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The goal

The goal is to develop an powerfull and easy to use web configuration manager for op5 Monitor and in the future also to Nagios related projects.

Get involved - Contribute to the Nacoma project

It is easy to get involved in the Nacoma project and to contribute!

  • Start using the code and if you like what you see, help by spreading the word on blogs and forums.
  • Post your comments and feedback here
  • Sign up at the op5-users mailing list to join the conversation and help other users by ansering questions.where you can follow the project and contribute your code and bugfixes. (The mailing list is it's not a project specific)
  • If you find a bug you can report the bug here
  • If you miss any documentation or know how to solve aundocumented problem you can write documentation at op5 community wiki

Download the Nacoma code

  • You can browse and download the code from git
    • Please observe that the code is only recomended to be used with op5 Monitor at the moment.
    • If you do try the code with Nagios, please share your results to the op5 users mailing list and report any bugs.


There are very limited documentation available for the Nacoma project today.


Nacoma Bug Tracking

Change Log

The changelog for Nacoma is mostly kept in git at the moment. Check out the change log here.

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