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Per Åsberg

We have created a couple of plugins for Nagios over the years

This "project" is actually several since we have collected a selection of Nagios/op5 plugins in a package. Feel free to use the plugins and if you do, we would be very greatful if you contribute by giving feedback and report any bugs.

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This is the list of plugins that we have created and that are available to the op5 and Nagios community. Click on the plugin name to read more about the plugin. Note that the plugins below is only a subset of the plugins in our git repository. Visit our op5plugins git repository for a complete list of plugins.



check_biztalk check Microsoft Biztalk servers
Plugin to check Rittal CMC environmental module
check_cpu_iowait_aix.pl check CPU iowait on aix
check_dummyv2.pl A check dummy that allows you to define and output perfdata
check_esx3.pl Plugin to check vmware esx 3i
check for files and directories
check_icmp Plugin to check stuff using ICMP. It's also included in the official nagiosplugins package
check_internet.sh check if "internet" is alive
check_ipmi.php check ipmi status
check_load_by_w.pl check load built as a wrapper around 'w'
check_ls_log.php check saved filters in op5 logserver
check_maxdb.pl plugin to check status of a MAXDB database
check_mssql.pl plugin to check MSSQL
check_oracle.pl plugin to check Oracle
check for patterns in files
check_portstatus check for unused switch ports
check_route.sh check that the primary route is in use
check_sitescanner.pl plugin to retreive status data from remote site service from http://www.sitescanner.com/
check status of smsd
check if a system using yum is up to date

Download op5 Plugins Code

You can browse and download the code from our git code repository.

Download plugins for windows

Browse and download windows plugins from our vbs-plugins repository. The list of windows plugins is quite short since the NSClient++ agent have a lot of build-in functionallity.

Get involved - Contribute to the op5 Plugins project

It is easy to get involved in the plugins project and to contribute!

  • Start using the code and if you like what you see, help by spreading the word on blogs and forums
  • Post your comments and feedback here
  • Sign up at the op5-users mailing list to join the conversation and help other users by ansering questions.where you can follow the project and contribute your code and bugfixes. (The mailing list is it's not a project specific)
  • If you find a bug you can report the bug here
  • If you miss any documentation or know how to solve aundocumented problem you can write documentation at op5 community wiki

Bug Tracking

Change Log

The changelog for Nacoma is mostly kept in git at the moment. Check out the change log here.

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